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Air Bubble Rolls & Bags


Bubble wrap is a flexible plastic sheeting containing numerous small air pockets, used in cushioning items during shipment. Standard average bubble diameter is 6.0 - 25.4 mm and height about 4 mm. Bubble wrap is lightweight, water resistant, reusable & non-scratching. Commonly used for packing fragile items, it is also called 'bubble pack'.

Product Types

We are offering a wide range of Air Bubble Rolls & Bags to meet your needs:

  • Lightweight/Standard bubble wrap rolls: Used for cushioning lightweight products, interleaving and surface protection.
  • Medium duty bubble wrap rolls: Used for cushioning of medium weight products & interleaving.
  • Heavy-duty bubble wrap rolls: Used for cushioning heavier items such as shipping motors, compressors, valves etc.
  • Bubble mailers or Bubble envelopes: Used to protect CD's, DVD's, video cassettes, jewellery, antiques, valuables in shipping.
  • Plain Bubble Bags: to protect general purpose items & 'Antistatic Bubble Bags' - to protect sensitive electronic parts and components from static damage.
  • Bubble bags: Quick & easy to use, ideal for faster wrapping.


There are number of benefits associated with Air Bubble Rolls & Bags, such as:

  • Light Weight: It reduces freight and packaging costs
  • Transparent: Enabling visual inspections of the product
  • Moisture resistant
  • Protecting surface against abrasion
  • Easy to use
  • Good insulation properties
  • Elastic and strong
  • Multiple use
  • Easy to trim by hand tools and trimming machines