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Plastic & Paper Mailer Bags


100% recyclable padded envelopes for goods that need extra protection. Our stylish, custom-printable padded mailers are made of recycled newspaper and kraft paper. Mailing and Courier bags are designed for protecting products and delivery of those products. Plastic mailing bags are lightweight, save money on postage and are water resistant.

Product Types

We are offering a wide range of Plastic & Paper Mailer Bags to meet your needs:

  • Document enclosed envelopes: Adhesive backed pouches to give your despatch a professional look - adhere directly onto boxes or pallets with an extremely strong tack adhesive.
  • Paper feel plastic envelopes: Plastic envelopes with the feel of paper! (but much stronger and waterproof of course).
  • Superlight bubble mailers: The lightest protective envelope on the market today ! The stock range comes in white and silver sizes - waterproof too!
  • Heavy duty postal mailers: Thicker opaque mailers in a strong co-extruded material where you need to be sure that the mailer can withstand some rough handling in transit.


A number of factors should all be taken into consideration when choosing Plastic & Paper Mailer Bags:

  • Environment Friendly: Environmentally friendly composition, 100% recyclable.
  • Thickness: different GSM thicknesses.
  • Peel-&-seal: Peel-&-seal strip for easy closure.
  • Robust: Robust and water resistant paper mailing bags.
  • Alternative: Popular alternative to polythene mailing bags.