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Stretch Films


Stretch Film also known as stretch wrap is a plastic film that is highly stretchable and is used to wrap around items. There are different types of stretch films available in the market to meet the specific requirements of the stretch film wrapping needs based on type, performance, size as well as budget.

Product Types

We are offering a wide range of Stretch Films to meet your needs:

  • Hand Stretch Film: For wrapping by hand, in small volume applications.
  • Machine Stretch Film:
    • Blown Stretch Films: High strength & tear resistant.
    • Cast Stretch Film: Affordable with high transperacy.
    • Pre-Stretched Film: For higher yield.


Some features of Stretch Films are:

  • Item Protection: Stretch Film delivers superior item protection.
  • Cost effective: Stretch Film wrapping is a better alternative to strapping or heat shrink film.
  • Efficient: Since its easy to wrap, the productivity of the workers increases.
  • Recycling: The Stretch Films can be recycled.