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RFID is short for “radio frequency identification,” and as such, RFID tags utilise radio frequency technology. These radio waves transmit data from the tag to a reader, which then transmits the information to an RFID computer program. RFID tags are frequently used for merchandise, but they can also be used to track vehicles, pets, and even patients with Alzheimer’s disease. An RFID tag may also be called an RFID chip.

Product Types

We are offering a wide range of RFID Tags to meet your needs:

  • Passive RFID Tags: Works by using electromagnetic energy transmitted from an RFID reader.
  • Battery-operated Tags : It contains an on-board battery as a power supply and that is why its known as an Active RFID Tag.


A number of factors should all be taken into consideration when choosing an RFID tagging systems, i.e.:

  • Operating Frequency: : Tag operating frequency
  • Memory Capacity: Storage capacity of tag to store informations
  • Tag Range: The range to which the tag must be accessible
  • Desired Application: For what we are using the tag
  • Environmental Conditions: Consider internal product storage environment as well as the external condition, the tag shall travel in its life-time.